Balzer Tactics Feeder 7600

Artikelnummer: 0321-760

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Tactics Feeder 7600…Michael Zammataro´s new

feeder reel

The excellent price/performance ratio and its great features make Michael’s

latest feeder reel an attractive proposition.

The smooth-running worm shaft gear guarantees perfect crosswise line lay.

The rubber-buffered safety line clip prevents the line from being damaged

by the long-distance casting limitation.

The two casting-optimised aluminium spools have different line capacities.

One spool is designed for thin braided lines; the other for monofilament


• 6 precision ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing

• Quick-Stop-System (Q.S.S.) for stopping rotor instantaneously

• Strong Bail Concept Bail made from strong, lightweight


• Worm shaft gear for perfect cross-wise winding and spool


• Strong front drag (S.D.S) with extra large brake discs

• Line guide system

• Anti-Swing-System (A.S.S.) for optimum smooth running

• Total Tolerance Control, reduces tolerances to a minimum

• Ball-bearing anti-twist line rollers with titanium alloy

• Knock-resistant housing with two-component varnish coating

• Aluminium power crank

• Rubber-buffered Safety Line Clip

• 2 cast-optimised conical aluminium spools in 2 sizes:

Spool 1: 200x0,10mm

Spool 2: 200x0,25mm

• 10 line stoppers included to fix the line on the spool