Strong Bail-Concept

Instead of the conventional reel bailmade of metal, most of our newreels have sturdier bails made ofsolid aluminium, which are lighterin weight. This not only improvesthe appearance of the bails, it alsoincreases their serviceable life.

Anti Swing-System (A.S.S)

The BALZER Anti Swing System(A.S.S) ensures that the reels haveoptimum balance. This preventsunwanted vibrations and the reelsrun perfectly smoothly.

Stainless steel ball bearings

Ball bearings made of stainless steelwhich are impervious even to salt-water.

Quick Stop-System (Q.S.S)

BALZER fixed spool reels with theQuick-Stop System (Q.S.S) preventeven a single millimetre of play. Thisenables you to place a hit completelysmoothly and very, very fast. This ismade possible by a needle bearingthat prevents the rotor from reversing.

The S-Stroke SYSTEM

The S-Stroke System guarantesoptimal line lay even when usingthin braided lines.

BALZER reels have design and ma­terial properties that make castingover ex­tremely long distances easierand you obtain the perfect exchangespool free of charge when you buya new reel: just one more argumentfor buying BALZER

Total tolerance SYSTEM

The new Total Tolerance controlsystem reduces a lot of tolerancesof the reels (crank, needle bearingand so on) to a minimum.


Our top models in the »Metallica«series have housings made of topgrade duraluminium. Even underthe toughest conditions these reelsretain their shape perfectly andhave a considerably longer life.

Sensitive Drag-System (S.D.S)

BALZER reels with the Sensitive DragSystem (S.D.S) are character­ised byan extremely finely adjust­able drag.This precision adjustment and theextremely fine serrations ensure sen­-­sitive, consistent trans­mission of thedrag power.

Wormshaft lifting gear

The best of BALZER technology fortop running properties and precision.Perfect mechanics for consistentlyperfect cross-winding: the prerequisitefor trouble-free, precise long-distance casting

Line control

The special developed Bodyguardline roller prevents from jammingof thin line.

Bail Fix-System

With the Bail-Fix system the bailengages during casting in orderto prevent unwanted backlash.To release it, simply start windingand the bail snaps shut as usual.

Safety line-clip

The rubber-buffered safety line-cliphas finally banned damage to lineswhen limiting casts

Anti-Twist-System (A.T.S.)

Extra-big line rollers reduce linefriction. Most line rollers also havean anti-twist function, which almostcompensates line-twisting duringspooling.

Multi Stop-System (M.S.S)

BALZER reels equipped with theMulti Stop System (M.S.S) carry alarge number of stops in the anti-reverse system. This facilitates fastbites without delays as well assmooth play.